Full Circle Catholic Faith Community

Meeting Minutes and Financial Information

Full Circle Financial Report 2018

Consultation for Religious Communities (CRC)    Membership  $50
Common Fund                                                                         $100
Inside Out                                                                                $100
To Gather Together                                                                  $100

DEX bill                                           31/m    Jan & Feb                 62.00
Music copyright bill                                                                      61.00
Rent          $60/week   Jan. $240   Feb. $240                            $480.00
Daily Iowan bill (Advent advertising)                                        $ 124.00
Premier Cleaning   $100.70 once a month    Jan & Feb            $ 204.40
                                                                                               $1281.40   TOTAL

Checking                                                                                 $679.00
Cash                                                                                          250.00

Financial Report for 2017

Here is a breakdown of our expenses
Rent to New Song …$990.00 Jan 2017 through July 2917    (seven months)  Aug through Dec  2017   (five months )$1200.00. (We started meeting every week again.) Total for the year is  $2190.00…
Gifts to our fearless leader… $500.00    includes Christmas
Music renewal…$59.00
Iowa City Compassion …$200.00
Consultation of Religious Community for 2017  …$350.00
Hotel …$68.21
DEX bill for the year…$378.00… I cxl this but we have to pay through Feb 2018…
Catholic relief services. Puerto Rico   hurricane relief  $1370.00     Other hurricane relief $350.00   Total   $1720.00
Gift to Grothe’s  $1475.00
Gift to Hospice Bird House $350.00
Cleaning $100.00 so far 
Food to Crisis Center 63 pounds of Peanut butter in Feb of 2017 and 67 pounds of Food in Nov of 2017

Oct 29, 2017

Quarterly Business Meeting

Full Circle met at 4pm October 29th for our quarterly business meeting. 
Treasurer's report: $1297.80 in our account before November rent to New Song, which Mary Nixon will pay.
There was a discussion on how to proceed regarding the cleaning of the church. Nick will offer employment to Progressive Cleaning, who will clean once a month for 3 hours for $101.
CRC- Nick reported on the October meeting which dealt with affordable housing in the area, the annual Gifts for Parents project, a summary of the Table to Table services, news that the clothing drive served 1400 people, and that the Center for Worker Justice will host a meeting November 13 at their office at 940 S. Gilbert for anyone who wishes to help ameliorate the increase in ICE arrests and activity since the revoking of DACA.
New Song has invited anyone interested to attend a Requiem service November 2 at 7pm
where deaths by gun violence this year will be especially remembered. 
Upcoming liturgies:
November 5- All Saints (checks made out to the Bird House will be welcomed and delivered there by Mary Kay. )
November 12- money will be collected for Puerto Rico (Merce has made contact with a doctoral student in her department who is from Puerto Rico regarding a good organization to contribute to)
November 19- Our Thanksgiving celebration to which we bring non-perishable food for the Crisis Center.
December 23, a Saturday, will be our Christmas liturgy at 4pm. 

Business Meeting Notes

July 30, 2017

1)    Treasurer’s Report:   

Current account:  $822 in Checking account;  $100 in cash. Rent to New Song …$990.00 Jan 2017 through July 2017  (seven months)

Gift to our Mary Kay… $300.00    ($200.00 was a Christmas gift.)

Music License renewal…$59.00

Iowa City Compassion …$200.00

Consultation of Religious Community…$350.00

DEX bill six months $189.00… I cancelled this but we have to pay through Feb 2018…

We have collected $1325.00

We have spent $2156.21

2)   Mary/Maryam Video. (Go to:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-e40UzKeR4). Discussed options for pursuing this project in our community.

3)    Letter to Paprocki was approved and signed.  Ideas about sending it to the Illinois Times and our local Press Citizen.  Nick will follow up.

4)     Call to Action:  Bonnie discussed a recent request for volunteers to help expand on a mandate the CTA is promoting for a church that is more inclusive.  Mary Nixon has expressed interest in participating in this project.

5) Cleaning for New Song:  All agreed that we would be willing to pay someone to clean once a month as part of our helping New Song to keep the church clean.  Nick will pursue a name given to see if she is available.  Mary Kay will connect Nick to Bob Sessions who coordinates the cleaning for New Song.

Great discussion.  Then we viewed Paul Young's discussion on the Trinity, thanks to Jim and Geri Pettitt sharing their link to this.

Business Meeting Note- January 22, 2017

​Dear Friends:
Today we celebrated MLK at our mass, using his words and music to commemorate his legacy.  Can I get an AMEN?  What now motivates us to act is called "Inclusion Revolution!"  See today's sermon on our website.
At our Business Meeting, we discussed the following:
1) Treasurer's Report-We have $1200 in the bank.  Recently, we paid the Consultation $350 for our membership dues, and three projects: The Common Fund, Together-Together and Inside-Out.  
We are committed to sending the Catholic Worker House $200 twice a year.  We will plan to prepare a meal for IC Compassion twice a year and donate $200 twice a year too.  These are worthy causes and I'm so proud that we can contribute so much.
2) CRC Update:  Nick continues to be our faithful representative at the meetings which are the third Weds. of every month.  Attendance has been low but we continue to "represent!"  Minutes of that meeting will be sent out soon.  We will host CRC with New Song in June from 10am-noon.
2) Full Circle Mass plan-We will continue to meet on the second and fourth Sundays of every month at 1:30pm at New Song.  This has been going well but has been interrupted by holidays so we have less of an idea how it's working.
On the fifth Sunday of April, July and October, we will meet for Adult Education at New Song at 1:30pm.  Next Sunday is a fifth Sunday and we are encouraging folks to attend a free showing of Atul Gawande's film, "On Being Mortal."  It's at 3pm at Sanctuary Church in Coralville.  On April 29th we will listen to Sr. Reid speak about a Feminist Interpretation of the Bible.  
3) Merce had a great idea that we should go to places where people can't get to church and provide church.  Places that were suggested are Legacy Point and Emerson Point.  We will investigate how to become an Itinerant Church on the first and third Sundays.  Stay tuned for more information.  We could use a graphic design artist to help us create buttons to wear.  Maybe with a camel logo.  Keep thinking.
After the Women's March, we are all feeling empowered to keep moving forward.  May God bless our nation at this challenging time.
Mary Kay

Full Circle Business Meeting
October 16, 2016

Treasurer’s Report

We have $1207.00 in our account. Our October bills are all paid as per Mary Nixon.

Current Issues

CWH—we will visit once a year (Spring) and send money (Winter) We will take an early December special collection for this purpose.  Mary Kay will contact Michael.
CWH Iowa City—we will not be involved since they have good support by St. Pat’s
IC Compassion 

Every Weds. English classes—please join as you can
We will offer meals twice a year (Nov/Feb—chili always)

CRC: We will host with New Song June 21 from 10am-noon.  Provide lunch.

We donated 40 items to the Winter Clothes Distribution!

We will trial meeting twice a month for mass.  Mary Kay is waiting to hear from New Song to see if we can use the church at 1:00pm.  We hope to begin in November.
Adult Ed:  DVDs are ready whenever we are—no decision about when to do this
Oct. 30:  All Saints celebration.  Be thinking about who is a saint in your life and why?  Share for the sermon.  Will do candle-lighting in memory of a saint/loved one at Offertory.  Done silently while the Litany of the Saints is sung.  Then bread/wine brought up.
Other issues/concerns

Full Circle Catholic Church
Business Meeting--June 5, 2016

Treasurer’s Report:  Mary unable to attend 

Cancellation Dates:  June 18 we will go to Catholic Worker House so we will cancel June 19 (Father’s Day).  Also, June 26, MK will be out of town so we do not plan to have mass.  In July, MK will be gone July 17 and 26.  Fr. Hitch has offered to cover during these dates.  We discussed this and all were in favor of having Fr. Hitch cover while I’m gone.  Thus, Fr. Hitch will be saying mass on Sunday July 17 and 26th.  Please be aware that he uses the current Roman Missal so we will have to learn the responses! 

Catholic Worker House: Sat. June 18 at 4:00pm we will meet at Mary Kay’s home and leave together.  We agreed to have KFC chicken as our main meal; Mary Kay will bring baked beans.  Helene will bring brownies.  Mary Beth will bring coleslaw.  Julie will bring lemonade and iced tea and watermelon.  We have all paper products.  

Consultation for Religious Communities (CRC) Report-Nick

See attached notes. 

Adult Education for June, July and August: Topics were determined.  Can anyone remember what? 

IC Compassion—next date for us to bring a meal will be Weds. August 10th.  We will serve brats and hotdogs.  Many signed up for items.  Please RSVP so I know who is bringing what. 


Full Circle Business Meeting
Sunday, Feb. 28, 2016

Treasurer’s Report:  Mary Nixon reported that we have $1,000.38 in our bank account.  She has $200 in cash for any needs ongoing.  We continue to pay for rent every month and are able to stay in the black thanks to your generosity. 

Fourth Sunday of Lent, March 6:  Helene will be preaching about Tielhard de Chardin

 Holy Week with New Song: Volunteers needed

Maundy Thursday
   1 Chalice Minister:  Helene H.
   1 Reader: Nick S.
   1 Usher: Joyce S

Good Friday
   1 Reader: Nick S
   1 Usher: Jim P

Holy Saturday-No volunteers available from Full Circle
   2 Readers
   1 Usher

Easter:  March 27: We will have our mass at 4:00pm followed by special treats; please feel free to bring a dessert dish or whatever you wish.

Adult Ed. Sundays:  Will be held the third Sunday of every month following mass
Mike Klug for March 6 (NOT the third Sunday)

April 17:  Patricia Fresen on the Beatitudes
May 15:  Julie will present the book, When God Was a Little Girl 

June 19:  Mary Kay will present the book, When Breath Becomes Air

Topics and presenters: get three months in advance

 Catholic Worker House:  is on hold for now.  Instead we agreed to make dinner for IC Compassion on a quarterly basis.  Peg J will get dates established.  Our meal in April will be Sloppy Joes, corn, baked beans, coleslaw, brownies, iced tea and lemonade.  Date to be determined. 

Website/Blog:  Getting back on track.  Hope to start anew.  Please let Christine know any of your ideas.

Film Scene:  This Thursday, March 3 we will meet at 5:30pm to see the film by Michael Moore:  Where to Invade Next.  We decided that we'd like to see this movie as a group.  Hope you can join us.  We hope to have discussion afterwards, if possible.

 Next Business Meeting:  May 22 after Mass 

Finally, Mike Klug will speak on Chartres Cathedral this coming Sunday.

Hope to see you soon.
Blessings Always,
Mary Kay​

Full Circle Donations for 2015

Treasurer’s Report

Checking account balance $824.88,   Cash $200.00 ,

 We pay $366 per year for Dex ad
We paid $3120 to New Song for rent

2015 Donations:  

$800.00 To Iowa City Compassion
$600 to Catholic Worker House
$200 to Consultation of Religious Comm.